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The Bird-A-Thon is an opportunity for you to contribute to the well-being of birds in Delaware

    Over the past 14 years, the Delaware Bird-A-Thon has established a proud conservation legacy. The success of this legacy has been the result of thousands of loyal participants, like you. Spend a few hours, an afternoon, or all day enjoying nature and watching migratory birds in the name of bird conservation!

Delaware Bird-A-Thon team during their 2017 Big Day

Bird-A-Thon youth team, the Ready Ducks

Bird-A-Thon Competiton Categories

Prize categories have been established to acknowledge those participants whose efforts achieved the greatest results.
SCORING: One point for each species plus one point for each dollar raised equals your total points.
(Example: 57 species + $650 = 707 points)


Compete as an individual or team to get the most points in any county or the whole state.


Youth under 18 compete to get the most points individually or as a team in a county or the whole state.


Compete with your school, church, or other organization to get the most points in the state or one county.

Carbon Free

Compete as a team or solo in one county or the state while producing zero CO2 emissions.


Compete as a team or solo to get the most points in New Castle, Kent, or Sussex county.

Bird-A-Thon Competition Rules

We want you to have fun and be successful.

  • Time period: May 2 through May 10, 2020.
  • Count must be conducted during a single 24-hour period.
  • Birds may be identified either by sight or song in Delaware,
    maritime boundaries included.
  • Record birds on the checklist provided for count totals.
  • Wild birds only, no zoo birds or escapees are eligible!
  • To be eligible for prizes, all checklists, pledge sheets, and collected donations must be received by June 16, 2019.

Mail your completed checklist, pledge form, registration or contributor’s form, and collected donations to: DOS, PO Box 4247, Greenville, DE 19807.

(Note that, while you don’t need to register your team in advance, we do encourage you to do so, as this gives us an idea of how many teams and people are participating.)

Pledge Form

Easily keep track of your pledges and donations.


Print to check off all of the bird species you see.

Full Brochure

Print or download a PDF version of our brochure.

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