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The Delaware Bayshore is a globally significant bird habitat.
You can help keep it that way.

What is the Delaware Bird-A-Thon?

The Bird-A-Thon is a fundraiser much like a walk-a-thon. Donate directly, or sign up as many pledge sponsors as you can. Then, during any single 24-hour period between May 4 through May 12, 2019, bird anywhere in the state of Delaware, count as many species as you can, and raise money for conservation!


a team

Grab some of your birding friends, or make some new ones, and compete to raise the most money, or see the most species during one 24-hour period in Delaware between May 4-12, 2019.


a team

Don’t want to create your own team? Donate per bird seen to one of the delaware birding teams and cheer them on during their intense 24-hour big day to see as many birds as possible.

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This year the Bird-a-thon is aiming to protect property adjacent to the Mispillion Harbor preserve, a globally important migrating shorebird stopover. Please consider donating what you can to help save this critical habitat along the Delaware Bay.

Bird-A-Thon Conservation History

We’ve done even more than what is listed here, check out our full list of accomplishments.


Years of bird counting fun


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Funds raised for conservation


Acres of habitat protected

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